Watch out, Amazon! Google is building 'Manhattan' to compete with 'Echo Show'

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With numerous other tech firms including Facebook and Samsung reportedly working on smart home hubs that integrate digital assistants, the pressure is on to produce a competitor to the Echo and Echo Show before Amazon captures too much of the market.

Speaking to, TechCrunch those anonymous sources have revealed how the Manhattan device has a screen similar in size to the 7in Echo Show. It will also act as a smart hub to control your other Internet of Things devices in your house. Google is trying to catch up with Amazon, which created the smart speaker market when it unveiled the Echo in 2014. A new "skill" called Alexa Routines allows users to program multiple functions into a simple voice command; for example, saying, "Alexa, good morning" could prompt the platform to turn on a kitchen light, start making coffee, and recite the latest news report.

Better sound. Better communication with Alexa. For a limited time, customers can get the all-new Fire TV and Echo Dot together for $79.99 or the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot together for $59.99-a 33 percent savings.

Codenamed 'Manhattan, ' the Google device is expected to be announced later this year with a possible 2018 availability.

All of these new devices build on Amazon's big win of getting the hardware and software scenario just right for Alexa. If you want to receive calls from regular numbers, you'll need the new $35 Connect box that Amazon unveiled on Wednesday, which also allows you to use your home telephone number for Echo calls and dial emergency services like 911 or premium rate / worldwide numbers.

Meet Amazon's new Echo devices

Now it appears the company might be adding a touchscreen to the equation in order to compete with the Amazon Echo Show.

The all-new Echo Spot is available in black and white for $129.99 and will start shipping in the U.S. this December. The buttons will cost $19.99 each.

The Amazon Echo Spot was also announced. The Alphabet-owned firm later rejected that opinion and guaranteed that the way in which Amazon incorporated YouTube into the Echo Show is an infringement of its terms of service, without clearing up on the issue.

For those of you who don't know, the Amazon Echo is a lineup of smart speakers and now a smart alarm clock. Instead, you're more likely to use the small screen to read messages, show virtual clock-faces, or conduct video calls.

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