VW unveils trade-in scheme for British buyers

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As well as Volkswagen, Ford (NYSE:F), BMW (ETR:BMW) and Toyota (NYSE:TM) have also introduced scrappage schemes as tougher European Union laws came into play this week to tackle air quality and climate change. The scrappage scheme runs from 1 September 2017 to 31 December 2017 and is open to any vehicle more than seven years old. However, it's not available in conjunction with any other offer. Toyota announced a similar scheme on Thursday, offering up to £4,000 ($5,170) off its vehicles.

The VW Group has also confirmed that vehicles traded in under its scheme will be scrapped and not sold on.

Five more carmakers have launched scrappage schemes as the auto industry tries to kickstart the stuttering United Kingdom market by offering thousands of pounds off new, less polluting models.

Rival Toyota also launched a scrappage scheme on Friday, offering up to £4,000 off a new Toyota.

VW's scheme comes almost two years since the firm admitted to cheating diesel pollution tests with the use of manipulated engine management software, subjecting it and the industry to intense pressure to cut pollution.

Alison Jones, director of Volkswagen UK, said: "With this new Scrappage Upgrade scheme, there's never been a better time to step up from an older diesel into one of our new, lower- emission range of Volkswagens".

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Renault, Nissan, Toyota and Kia announced deals whereby owners of cars registered before 2010 could save up to £2,000 by trading in their vehicles for a new one.

The scrappage allowance (which replaces a normal part-exchange valuation) is able to be used in conjunction with existing offers, meaning possible savings of over £5,000 on a new Kadjar, for example.

Available immediately at all Kia dealers, the scheme guarantees the scrappage bonus on Kia's latest small cars when any old auto is traded in for destruction.

Hyundai has said that all Euro 1-3 cars they receive will be scrapped, while owners of Euro 4 models will be able to simply trade them in without having to commit their vehicle to being destroyed. These were in place prior to September 2009, but subsequently, more stringent Euro 5 standards were enforced, meaning people pay less to run a more eco-friendly auto.

£2,000 is available off numerous brand's range of cars and vans.

Interest-free hire-purchase finance and two years' free servicing are also offered on vehicle purchases.