Toddler steals Prince Harry's heart - and popcorn - at Invictus Games

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But this has brought more attention to the Suits star, with makers NBC now hiring round-the-clock protection for the actress, The Mail has claimed.

The video likewise caught two-year-old Emily Henson taking a few modest bunches of Prince Harry's rich popcorn.

"It will be very important to her".

The emotional mother Amanda Israel, said she had used the moment to thank Prince Harry for setting up the Games.

Prince Harry has succumbed to nibble burglary because of a sly young lady.

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And good on her, to be quite honest.

"When I started working here, she told me not to worry if I see security stepped up because that means Harry is here".

Four-year-old Emily Henson is the daughter of Paralympian and former Invictus competitor David Henson and didn't seem fazed at all by the royal figure sitting next to her.

Before Kate Middleton become a member of the royal family, her security was paid for by Prince William using his fortune. While, Prince Harry who was fully busy talking to his colleagues, initially did not pay attention. She managed to do it, right under the Prince's nose, till he noticed what she was up to. No this is not a new movie, but it's what happened yesterday at the Invictus Games.