Toddler shoots two three-year-olds at U.S. home childcare facility

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A toddler found a handgun at an in-home day care facility in MI on Wednesday and pulled the trigger, wounding two 3-year-old boys, one critically.

Several other children were at the home at the time of the shooting, but luckily none were injured. Police say one of them, who was shot in the face, is in critical condition.

Eubanks' sister, Escobedo, said she was baffled on hearing about the shooting and didn't know about the gun.

"They're both shot, they're both young and it's very critical", Police Chief Ronald Haddad said immediately after the shooting.

"She loves all these children just as well as her own", she said.

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A neighbour who lives next door said she had previously filed a complaint with the city regarding the daycare. The Dearborn Police and Fire departments responded quickly to the scene and gave aid to the two boys, both age 3.

Police said Tim Eubanks is a hunter. Police took the other children to the police station to be reunited with their families, WXYZ reported.

"If there are charges, they'll be appropriate charges".

The children were among multiple youngsters inside the house, known locally for its babysitting services, at the time of the incident. "He keeps everything out because he has kids". Starr said that the incident showed "gross negligence". "He's not going to leave stuff laying around". She's heard stories about this stuff happening, and she would always say her husband hunts on the weekends, and she would always say, 'Don't you even think you're going to bring a gun into this house.