Protesters Demanding Arrest of Ryan School Management Lathicharged

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He then washed his hands and left the toilet. In most cases, the perpetrator knows the victim. "In questioning, two children disclosed he (Ashok) was present in the toilet before the incident", Singh added. There were almost 1,000 students and teachers alongwith non-teaching staff in the school that day, but nobody heard or saw the boy's throat being slit inside a washroom. Advocate Kulbhushan Bharadwaj said parents trust the school authorities and leave kids with them for hours.

The boy was found lying in a pool blood in the school toilet on September 8 with injuries on his neck. While no outside person is allowed to enter the premises, the bus drivers and the conductors, who have been given identity cards, are allowed to use basic amenities like toilets inside the campus on "humanitarian grounds", they said in the petitions.

Media reports have quoted school bu, s driver Raghav, as claiming that the police and the school management forced him to give a wrong statement against the innocent conductor that the knife, which was allegedly used in the crime, was part of tool kit and kept in the bus.

An India Today report on the unanswered questions in the case points at a more shocking twist to the murder. Had they taken corrective measures after the tragic death of 6-year-old Devyansh Kakrora on the Vasant Kunj's branch premises last year, the murder of Pradyuman could have been averted.

In a story carried in The Indian Express, a classmate of Pradyuman claimed, "an aunty" kept the boy's bloodstained bag in a dustbin.

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Schools have been asked to ensure that sharp items do not make their way into school transport, District Inspector of Schools, Mukesh Kumar said.

Ryan International School's northern region head Francis Thomas and human resources head Jayesh Thomas were arrested on Monday. The proximity of the Pinto family to the BJP has led to accusations that the Haryana government was trying to shield the school's promoters in the case. On further detailed checks, parents discovered that the police verification register at the school office, mentioned that there had been no police verification for the support staffs. ID address proofs were also found to be missing from the school records.

Meanwhile, acting principal Neerja Batra, who was called for interrogation on Monday, fell ill and had to be hospitalised.

The report by the investigative team also highlighted that the CCTV cameras of the school weren't working properly and were not installed everywhere.

I have never thought twice before going to school, no child should have to.