Mystery tiger killed near school bus stop in Atlanta

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Henry County police say drivers spotted the tiger early Wednesday on Interstate 75 in Stockbridge, southeast of Atlanta.

"This escaped tiger's owner must be found, and PETA invites anyone else harboring exotic animals in Henry County to come forward to help get them transferred to reputable sanctuaries".

Feld Entertainment is the company behind Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus, which closed for good in May after 146 years of performances under the iconic striped tent.

"When Feld sentenced these tigers to a miserable life in a German circus, this tiger's fate was sealed", Winders said. "We were helping to transport the cats from Florida to Tennessee ahead of them going to Europe", he said. 'And the officers I guess just started firing rounds and took it down and then gave me my dog back'.

Suzy was shot by Atlanta cops Wednesday morning after she got into a backyard and reportedly attacked a small dog.

They issued a statement to say: "We are continuing to work with the proper authorities while this case is being investigated".

Georgia cops went big game hunting on Wednesday - when they shot and killed a Bengal tiger after it nearly made a homeowner's dog lunch, authorities said.

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According to police officials, the tiger jumped over a fence around 6 chase a dog in a nearby backyard.

"I fell to the ground crying because my husband was screaming because the tiger had jumped on top of my dog", she told CNN.

The dog, named Journey, escaped with just a few scratches and still has some dried blood on her body.

Zoo officials in Atlanta said that the tiger was not one of theirs.

Officers aren't armed with tranquilizers and came across the Bengal tiger before animal control authorities arrived, the newspaper reported, citing the police department as its source.

"It's a very sad day. Clearly, this was a tragic accident", Payne said.

The investigation remains ongoing with possible charges pending.