Majority of Americans embarrassed to have Trump as president

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Americans were deeply divided by party, gender and race on whether Trump is fit to serve as president, the Quinnipiac University pollsters said.

And almost two-thirds of the African-Americans surveyed in another poll - this one conducted by the PerryUndem research firm - said they are anxious by Trump.

"There is no upside", said assistant director Tim Malloy of the Quinnipiac University Poll. Ninety-four percent of black voters said the Republican president is not fit to serve, 60 percent Hispanic voters said the same, while 50 percent white voters said he is fit for the role. It is time for Americans to have a president that they can be proud of.

And while seeking the Republican nomination Trump came under fire for being slow to disavow the endorsement of David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The numbers suggest that there is a powerful moral argument that can be made against Trump in 2020 and Republicans in 2018.

"You're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed". In 2014, only 48 percent of Democrats said things were going to hell compared to 70 percent who feel that way today.

Six in ten Americans say Trump is doing more to divide the country than bring it together. A small percentage of people declined to answer or said they were undecided. The survey results signaled that a majority of voters disapproved of Trump's social media habits or his handling of race relations. A 56-42 percent margin said he does not care about average Americans. Twelve percent said they were optimistic and seven percent said they were hopeful.

61 percent say diplomacy and sanctions are the best way to stop North Korea from continuing its nuclear program; 27 percent think threats of US force are the best strategy.

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Those most likely to disapprove of the kneeling include men (60 percent), independents (62 percent), whites (63 percent), veterans (65 percent), Republicans (86 percent), and Trump voters (90 percent).

Respondents were also asked who they trust to work on issues important to them.

A total of 1,003 African-Americans aged 18 or older were polled between July 18 and August 7 by PerryUndem, a Washington-based policy research firm.

The Quinnipiac survey puts on display a deeply divided America.

The survey was conducted before two of the latest racially-tinged events involving Trump.

On Sept. 22, Trump called for NFL team owners to fire players who kneeled during the national anthem, The Guardian reports.