Kuwait Emir confirms Qatar ready to meet, discuss 13 demands

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"We are being helped tremendously in the Gulf of Emir and his representatives on trying to get things back with various states and I think that is coming along nicely", said President Trump.

President Trump who staged a joint conference with the Kuwait leader shortly after his arrival in the White House also enjoined the leader and the Arab nations to all face alongside the U.S. their shared enemies.

"Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are all essential USA partners in this effort".

President Donald Trump's oldest son is scheduled to make his first appearance on Capitol Hill Thursday as part of a Senate investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election and a meeting he had with Russians during his father's campaign past year.

He emphasized, "what is important is that we have stopped any military action".

During a friendly meeting with the NY and New Jersey congressional delegations about a $30 billion tunnel project, Trump was in a good mood - most likely a result of his deal with Democrats reached on Wednesday to suspend the federal debt ceiling and fund the government for three months, as well as provide Hurricane Harvey relief aid.

"For Trump to say "I support the Kuwaiti emir in his diplomacy and if it doesn't work I am ready to step in and bring them all to the White House", this is a different language than the language that we heard before".

A white supremacist carrying a Nazi flag into Emancipation Park in Charlottesville Virginia
A white supremacist carrying a Nazi flag into Emancipation Park in Charlottesville Virginia

The meeting will address bilateral relations and regional and worldwide developments of mutual interest, and cooperation in the fight against terror will figure high on the summit's agenda, the envoy said, stressing that Kuwait is a major partner to the United States in the war on terror.

"The US president was quite restraint - he didn't use any inflammatory language and didn't escalate his declarations against any particular country", Bishara said.

Riyadh and Doha are both key allies of the United States.

The crisis erupted June 5 when Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut ties to Qatar over allegations it funds extremists and is too cozy with Iran.

Qatar is home to a huge U.S. air base, where the headquarters of Centcom - the regional command that leads operations against the Islamic State group - is based. It recently restored full diplomatic ties to Iran, with which it shares a massive offshore natural gas field that makes its citizens among the world's wealthiest.

Doha denies the claims and accuses the other countries of an attack on its sovereignty.

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