Jennifer Lawrence couldn't deal with 'Hunger Games' fame

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"I think we were basically - whatever it is - 15 years too early", Aronofsky sighed to website First Showing. "Especially having worked with these exciting actors and these directors who I so admire".

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, with a string of hits and even an Oscar. Joking at the end of the interview she said with a laugh, "I'll see you in six months".

As of today, that $12.3M is the lowest wide release opening of Lawrence's career.

There's one thing we know Lawrence won't be doing during her break - and that's starting a family. While she is busy painting the walls gold, he toils in his office, trying to find inspiration for his next book.

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There's no denying that it's a beautifully and skilfully crafted film - though how to categorise it is up for debate - with stand-out performances from Lawrence and Bardem and the supporting cast. She's been working nearly continuously for the better part of a decade.

Rather than use heavy weights, though, Horrigan told Teen Vogue he used "bodyweight squats, pushups and sit-ups all performed in a circuit..." She even joked about taking up pottery.

Lawrence stars alongside Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris in the psychological thriller. The movie grows in intensity with the sensation of invasion. Darren said it so well - that this is the first time I have been put on my back foot. "It's like your worst nightmare and you can't wake up from it".

Fans have always loved Jennifer Lawrence's refreshing honesty, and the star didn't disappoint when she readily admitted that the prospect of motherhood has become less appealing with age. That made her intimidating to her younger co-star. "She's very normal. She's a mother". A deeply troubled and religious woman, her abusive relationship with her daughter contributes greatly to the carnage that is to come.