Emmanuel Macron Calls For Solidarity as He Vows to Lead EU Rebuild

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In a forum of vitriol written by a professor specialized in european policy, the New York Times, which last may saw yet in the new French head of State " a new hope for Europe ", judge already Emmanuel Macron as " a president missed ".

"We respect the International Monetary Fund, but we can manage better with an organization which was set up to have a European mentality and understand the euro zone's special features", Pavlopoulos said.

The pro-business, centrist French leader whose popularity at home has slumped since he was elected in May, warned that Europeans "must not abandon the fight" of shared values or else the EU would ebb away or die, riven by internal conflicts.

"A Europe which protects itself is one which protects our strategic investments", said Macron, who traveled to Athens with about 40 French executives.

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Europe needs to set up institutions to resolve future crises of its member states without having to turn to "third parties", such as the International Monetary Fund, for financial support, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Thursday. He said the result of the UK Brexit referendum reflected a feeling that people did not "understand" the European Union and felt they were being constantly asked "to make more efforts" while fearing their daily lives were deteriorating.

Macron was in Athens for a two-day visit, accompanied by 40 business executives from companies including Total and Vinci in a trip created to encourage investment and show goodwill towards a country which is emerging from a multi-year recession. His first measures have been perceived by some as favouring the wealthy over the interests of poorer voters.

The IMF should show "good faith" and avoid making excessive demands of Greece should it choose to participate in the Greek rescue programme's remaining 11 months, French President Emmanuel Macron said today.

"I don't want a new European treaty discussed behind closed doors, in the corridors of Brussels, Berlin or Paris", Macron said. Macron was scheduled to make a speech on the "refoundation" of the European Union in front of the Parthenon alongside Tsipras.