'The Batman': Everything You Need To Know About The DC Film

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Director Matt Reeves has clarified comments that some took to mean that The Batman would not be part of the DC Extended Universe.

It's something that we've asked ourselves nearly daily since Ben Affleck announced he was stepping down as the film's director, the catalyst for Warner Bros.' DC woes.

When director Matt Reeves sat down on a podcast to talk about The Batman, he said the movie was a stand-alone - something we've always known. Reeves flat out said "it's not part of the extended universe". "Batman will be BATMAN..." In my comment of a moment ago, when I mentioned that he is not a member, I spoke in fact of the history of the Batman as being exclusively a story about Batman, and which had nothing to do with the rest of this universe.

Yesterday the press ran wild with news that Reeves' The Batman was a standalone film and not within the same universe as the other DC films.

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The film is described as a "criminal love story", according to one source, featuring the two murdering maniacs who are cornerstones in the Batman mythos. The line was quickly removed from the piece, with a clarification as to whether or not The Batman would be in continuity or part of this new banner of movies-as well as whether or not Affleck would play the character in the movie-was still being decided. This strategy is not surprising; however, it seems like the DCEU has adapted a new and unexpected idea: they are potentially making The Batman separate from the DCEU. The DC Extended Universe. The film which would see Ben Affleck reprise his role as the titular character has been going through a series of behind-the-scenes troubles that have prevented it from entering production. While Reeves still has apes on the brain, he shares some early thoughts on his next movie, for now titled The Batman. This may be the case for The Batman - which would be a relief, as some of the best Batman stories are the ones isolated to Batman and Gotham.

To understand this decision, many have been reading deeply into the recent words of director Matt Reeves, which may cause them to misconstrue the point of his statements. Affleck will next appear as Batman in Justice League, opening in theaters on November 17.

The Batman is now in development and does not have a release date.