Stop for school buses: Fines increased

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In doing so, motorists will not find themselves behind a bus and as a result, potentially putting children at risk.

"We have a few every month it seems", said Daviess County Chief Deputy Gary Allison.

Our school buses carry precious cargo and as drivers, we must always put the safety of ourselves and others first.

When possible, Allison said sheriff's deputies also patrol behind the buses transporting students to and from their destination.

Altering a route or schedule to avoid a bus is one way motorists can help improve safety.

Indiana State Police receive complaints nearly daily from school bus drivers, parents and concerned citizens about motorists not stopping for school buses when required.

Look left right left when coming to the edge of the bus to make sure traffic is stopped. Motorists should not attempt to pass the bus while it's stopped, but there are different rules for different roads.

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But once drivers are on Veterans Parkway, which has a grass median, they must stop only for a bus going in their direction. It allows drivers to operate larger vehicles on the road after taking a class and passing a test with the state police and is required by federal law. "That's the reward. You impact lives and you impact them in a positive way to safely get them to school and safely get them home".

Tillman said some drivers are unsure about whether they should stop on a four-lane roadway.

There are just over 16,000 school buses on the road in IN, and according to the yearly statistics, as the number of school buses on the road has increased, so has the number of school bus stop arm violations. "The public needs to be aware of this growing problem and the potential tragic consequences of violating this very important law that protects our schoolchildren".

Bus drivers also can report vehicles that have passed their bus illegally. Reduce speeds in and around school zones.

Moore said a route plan promised for the start of the school year was not ready when school started in Martinsville on Monday, August 7. "I really, really, don't want to pull over a faculty member, but I will if I have to".

DPS comprises 11 divisions where 2,100 employees operate programs in the areas of law enforcement, crime victim assistance, traffic safety, alcohol and gambling, emergency communications, fire safety, pipeline safety, driver licensing, vehicle registration and emergency management.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, from 2003 to 2012, 174 school-age children died in school-transportation related crashes.