Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will Include Samus Aran and Mario Cars

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Rocket League will feature some exclusive, Nintendo-themed content on Switch. So what better way to celebrate a partnership with Nintendo than to reveal three new Battle-cars coming with the game's release.

The new NSR auto is styled after the Mario Bros. and features a different color and logo depending on which team you are on. There will also be a neat "Super Star" themed trail for your cars. The Samus vehicle will also have different colors depending on which team you are on, styled after different Varia suits. First we have the "Mario NSR" and "Luigi NSR" battle cars which are cartoony Mario and Luigi themed vehicles with red and green colors respectively and their large trademark M and L logos on the front of the auto. You will get the former if you are on the Orange Team, and the latter if you are on the Blue Team. Alongside the items we've already seen, developer Psyonix today revealed two cars you'll only find in the Switch version-and one, in particular, looks especially fantastic. Though both vehicles are FREE on Nintendo Switch, players will still need to unlock them in-game by completing certain requirements.

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Rocket League comes to Nintendo Switch this holiday. A Wave Beam Rocket Boost is exclusive to Samus' Gunship version.