Israel seeks to silence Jazeera

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Ayoub Kara made the announcement on Sunday during a press conference, where he said that he meant to lodge a request to revoke credentials of all Al Jazeera journalists and close down the network's office in Jerusalem.

Israel announced on Sunday its intention to close the offices of Al-Jazeera, accused by the authorities of engaging in "incitement" to violence, announced that the israeli ministry of Communications.

Pan-Arab news broadcaster Al Jazeera has threatened to pursue all legal channels in response to Israel's announcement it would bar the Arabic and English networks in the country.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to "expel Al Jazeera" for inciting violence through its coverage of two policemen killed at the Temple Mount and the Israeli government's additional security at the site.

"Al-Jazeera condemns this action on the part of a State that claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East", said to AFP this official, adding that the chain will be challenged in the justice of this measure, which he described as a "serious".

Al Jazeera has condemned the decision.

"Al Jazeera will continue to cover the events of the occupied Palestinian territories professionally and accurately, according to the standards set by global agencies, such as the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom)".

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The network's editor in Jerusalem has accused Mr Netanyahu of collusion with his autocratic Arab neighbours in an attack on free and independent media.

Israel's communications ministry said on Sunday that "nearly all countries in the region. have concluded that Al Jazeera incites terrorism and religious extremism".

Jordan and Saudi Arabia have recently closed al-Jazeera's local offices, while the channel and its affiliate sites have been blocked in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain. "It was aberrant in these conditions that this string continues to emit" from Israel, added the minister, Ayoub Kara.

Shutting the network was on a list of 13 demands by the four Arab nations leading the boycott of Qatar that were tabled in June but later dropped. He has frequently criticised the news media, accusing outlets of seeking to undermine his government.

Al Jazeera says it was the first Arabic channel to feature Israeli politicians and commentators on the air.

Kara said the measures were meant to bolster Israel's security and "to bring a situation that channels based in Israel will report objectively".