Game of Thrones theory suggests Bran Stark may be The Night King

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In Beyond The Wall, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, viewers were given an exciting new revelation about the deadly White Walkers.

After losing one of her beloved dragons to the Night King in Season 7's "Beyond The Wall", things have taken a drastic turn in Game of Thrones.

A theory with huge fan-support claims that Bran's greenseeing causes him to become trapped inside the Night King, essentially creating the villain that is now marching south. Bran's powers have been developing throughout the show, having connected past and present versions of Hodor in a closed time-loop, forcing the gentle giant to "hold the door" and even forcing poor Hodor to kill Locke outside of Craster's Keep in Season 4.

Unfortunately, though, Season 7 is shorter than the usual 10 episodes, but fans can take solace in one thing: the finale, airing this Sunday, will be the longest episode of the HBO hit yet, clocking in at 79 minutes and 43 seconds, the networks confirmed on Tuesday. Keep scrolling to learn more about the Night King! Can they be stopped once and for all if someone kills the Night King? This created the White Walkers. In addition to being perplexed by the episode's wonky timeline and those seriously unusual conversations between Arya and Sansa, we also had to wonder how in the hell the Night King appeared to know that Daenerys's dragons would show up to aid Jon Snow.

After reading Ralph's theory, however, we're less focused on these details and more so on the Night King. At the moment, the Night King feels like he's on top of the world, and anyone could fall prey to his wintry magic.

Being able to see into the future, or at least potential futures, means that the Night King already has a plan for breaking through the magical protections of the Wall.

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If when the dead finally get to the Wall we see a wight or White Walker touch it and explode, this is what we'll expect to happen.

As theories go, Dondarrion's is a fairly tempting one, that hints at a neat resolution to the series and a climactic final battle between the Night King and one of our heroes (most likely Jon). So make sure you're not stuck in the past. It's actually part of a new augmented reality toy for the show (described in the video's description) that allows fans to transform into the Night King. Bran could be the key to stopping the Night King, so Jon Snow will need him on his side.

Forget the Wight, the mission was worth it because. they found out that killing White Walkers kills all of the wights they had created.

The Night's King left his post to be with someone who sounds like a White Walker woman, and the two reigned for 13 years from the Nightfort until they were stopped.

The strength of the army of the dead comes from their massive numbers and lack of fear.

It states: "Of all the queer and fabulous denizens of the Shivering Sea, however, the greatest are the ice dragons". So how do you defeat such an enormous, terrifying force? We can't have you messing around like that so close to the season finale.