Blunt boards Air Force One with President Trump

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Instead, in Springfield, Missouri, Wednesday, Trump will give remarks that the White House says will focus on his "vision" for spurring job creation and economic growth by cutting rates and revising the tax code.

Loren Cook, which was established in 1941, describes itself as a "leader in the design and manufacturing of fans, blowers, gravity vents, laboratory exhaust systems, and energy recovery ventilators".

Democrats have hinted they are willing to work with Republicans and the administration to accomplish tax reform, but only if it does not provide tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

In a speech Wednesday, President Trump cited the 1986 tax reform as a model for the kind of bipartisan effort he wants this fall, but in a 1999 op-ed he called that bill "a catastrophe".

Trump will visit Springfield, Missouri a day after touring hurricane-ravaged southeastern Texas.

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The Trump administration's stated goal is to adopt tax reform by the end of the year, but that's a tall task both technically and politically. The tax code in the USA has not been modified significantly since 1986.

There are two rates of corporation tax in the Republic of Ireland: 12.5% for trading income and 25% for non-trading income.

Trump said in April he wants to lower the tax rate on businesses to 15 per cent, but it is not clear if this rate will remain or ultimately be revised upward.

Additionally, when lawmakers return from recess in September they will have a tall to-do list of must-pass items to accomplish before tax reform can be addressed. In other words, the administration is planning to push tax reform through regular order, and not, as was the case with Obamacare repeal, through the Senate budget reconciliation process, which allows Republican leadership to bypass Democratic filibusters and requires only 50 yes votes. Buckner had written "Trump" on his glass eye.

According to Reuters, Trump name checked Ireland alongside France, Germany, Canada and Mexico as countries with a low corporate tax rate. The Republican Missouri Attorney General has also pushed Congress to support Trump's tax reform agenda. The president has already put pressure on McCaskill, tweeting Sunday that the senator stands opposed to "big tax cuts".