What would you use a consumer version of Google Glass for today?

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Although the consumer version of Glass, after the initial media hype, delivered less than it promised, the company believes it can repurpose it as a practical workplace tool that saves time and money.

Now the new Enterprise edition targets "workers in fields like manufacturing, logistics, field services and healthcare", who require information and instruction while their hands are busy.

Google is working with several dozen partners to build customised software and business solutions for Glass.

The updated design appears much the same as the original, but Kothari says the battery life is improved, and that it is lighter and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. These apps have long-been involved with the product formerly known as Google Glass through the business-focused "Glass at Work" programme.

Glass project lead Jay Kothari said that Glass has already led to efficiency improvements at GE for example by up to 12pc through the delivery of video instructions to mechanics wearing the smart eyewear.

Google Glass has been in use by some 50 organizations, and the team is working to develop new industry solutions. Glass has reduced machinery production time by 25 percent and inspection times by 30 percent at AGCO.

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Companies such as GE, DHL, Boeing among others have been using Glass to complete their work faster and easier, Kothari said.

This new Glass EE includes a camera module with 8 megapixels sensor. Hit the link for more details. Kothari says the Glass team is back at X, which is a semi-secret research and development facility founded by Google and operating as a subsidiary under parent company Alphabet.

Alphabet is making Glass Enterprise Edition available to more businesses through its partners, and while it's great to see the wearable find its groove in the enterprise, it's unlikely we'll see a consumer-facing variant anytime soon.

The Glass Enterprise Edition is still only available at a small number of corporations and according to the lengthy Wired report on the matter, sales aren't exactly booming just yet.

Now that the Glass-for-business program has wrapped up its incubation period, the technology is back on the market again. Employees are thus able to work smarter, faster and safer since they have the information they need right in their line of sight.

Doctors at California providers Dignity Health and Sutter Health are using Glass-plus-Augmedix to interact with patients while remotely taking notes.