Street Fighter 5's Next Character Is a Final Fight Crossover

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Whether or not it will be Abigail remains to be seen, but it will not be a shock if it ends up being him.

Akuma came back with a lion's mane, the ice cold queen Kolin finally got to enter the heat of battle and Ed went from wimpy kid to bonafide boxer.

Capcom was expected to make the next "Street Fighter 5" character reveal at the EVO 2017 Championship Series, but the studio's panel there was canceled. Abigail is a towering fighter who can run through an opponent's life bar with a nasty grapple move, a vicious punch combination and a Critical Art that treats his foe like a punching bag. Another hulking member of the gang, Hugo, previously appeared in the franchise in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact, but it is now Abigail's turn to wreak havoc. Well, he's huge, with ridiculously oversized proportions that has left some fans wondering how basic moves such as throws from smaller characters such as Cammy and R. Mika will look on-screen. Abigail served as one of the bosses of the later stages, but here he is in Street Fighter V, literally towering over the competition. Players will also notice some tires strapped to his belt with chains, notes Event Hubs. He'll be accompanied by a brand new stage based upon Metro City, which you can see for yourselves in the trailer embedded above.

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What else is new in the Street Fighter 5 DLC?

The new challenger will drop a quarter into Capcom's fighter on 25th July, and will be the fourth fighter made available as part of the title's second Season Pass.