Destiny 2 Beta Starts With Server Errors For Everyone

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Bungie's yet to fully reveal what either of those looks like, but if they're even half as aesthetically diverse as the one you see above, we're in for a treat when the sequel finally lands on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Since this is an early build of the game, there are a few issues that have yet to be squashed before release. But it's typical for the studio to issue tiny files that Destiny players need to download during launches like this.

You'll also have access to 20 weapons (including three Exotics: Sweet Business, Sunshot, and Risk Runner), and three armour sets for each class.

Pre-load became available late last week, but you still have time to prepare for the beta.

The Termite error occurs when players attempt to log in to the Destiny 2 beta.

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Countdown: Enter the Crucible to battle other Guardians in a brand new mode.

Whether you're a first time Destiny player or a veteran of the series looking for another quick reminder of what you'll be playing in a matter of hours, it's well worth a watch.

Destiny 2 has a story mode that Bungie and publisher Activision promise is more cinematic than the original game's scattered story experience. Before you hop into the beta, there is some housekeeping that needs to be down. With any luck, the game's backend systems will be able to efficaciously manage the deluge of users soon enough so as to allow any and all comers to give the first Destiny 2 beta a go. Co-op players can take part in The Inverted Spire Strike and of course, there's a ton of new weapons, gear and classes like the Dawnblade to try out.

Does anything carry over to the final release? You can't team up with another gamer through matchmaking for this mission. Two teams fight for control of three flags throughout the battlefield. There will also be a beta period for PC sometime in August, though Bungie has not yet announced specific dates. You won't get access to your character's entire skill tree, no matter how much you play.

Character Continuity: Destiny 2 is a fresh start. Which means at certain points it might not work properly or may do things oddly - which is actually exactly what developer Bungie wants, because it means they can spot problems before the game is released.