Arun may be appointed India bowling coach

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Former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden has come out in support of Ravi Shastri, the newly-appointed Indian head coach, and said that he would make a fantastic coach for the Indian side. "As Ravi explained, once he was appointed head coach, he obviously had to think of his responsibilities which come with the appointment".

Kumble described his partnership with Kohli as "untenable" before stepping down last month after the Champions Trophy.

"I don't think there is added pressure because what has to happen will happen, I believe in that regardless of what happens around in the outside world; as a team we aspire to achieve what we want to achieve". I don't take additional pressure. I will carry on from where I left.

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Arun will be remembered for slipping and falling while running in to bowl his first ball in Test cricket while taking the lay-up. Losing the first Test was a shock but the way we bounced back was only because of the team culture that was created at that stage. He knows these boys better than I do because he has been in the system for the last 15 years. "India took 77 out of 80 wickets", Shastri said. "Regardless of what happens in the outside world, as a team we aspire to achieve what we want to achieve". I don't come with any baggage. "I have spoken to both the individuals as good as three or four days ago", Shastri told reporters after the meeting. The Board felt that it would be unfair to ask him to let go off his commitments for giving about 25 days in a year to the Indian team. I have matured over the last couple of weeks. "Lot of things fly around which are not in my control". I have no problems whatsoever in you applying for the role. Although Arun, who was also the bowling coach of IPL outfit Royal Challengers Bangalore, was out of the team for the past year, he did state that he had this "odd talk" here and there with the players. Everyone has faced hard times. I was very clear in my mind what my core team will be. "In the end I just felt I wasn't quite ready for that opportunity", he added.

THE BCCI recently fulfilled Ravi Shastri's demand of appointing his own set of support staff. "Understanding each other should not be a problem having worked together before", the 28-year old said.

Talking about the same, Vinod Rai, CoA head was quoted saying, "We will further discuss with Shastri the appointment of other coaches".