Wounded US lawmaker 'in some trouble', Trump says

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Hodgkinson died after being shot by police.

Colleagues who visited Scalise, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, sounded generally upbeat, but spoke more in terms of hopes than the confident predictions of the immediate aftermath a day earlier.

Richmond said he assumes he will be Thursday night's starting pitcher for the Democrats, and the former college baseball player is likely to make Democrats the favorite tonight.

"He remains in critical condition, but has improved in the last 24 hours", reads a statement provided Thursday by MedStar Washington Hospital Center, the medical facility now treating Scalise.

Scalise "continues his very fearless fight ... but it's been much more hard than people even thought at the time".

Top US Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise remains hospitalized in critical condition after being shot this week but he has improved, his surgeon said Friday as he expressed optimism about the legislator's prospects for recovery.

"We will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence, or assaults on our Democracy, " President Donald Trump said in a videotaped message at the game.

Later, the crowd burst into applause as Capitol Police Officer David Bailey - who was injured as he pursued the shooter - hobbled to the mound on crutches and tossed the ceremonial first pitch. Trump only alluded to the shooting indirectly while voicing support for the victims. When the members of the Republican team were announced, mention of Scalise's name drew a standing ovation throughout the stadium. The Democratic side won in a blowout, but the game was played in Scalise's honor with lawmakers of both parties dressed in purple in recognition of Scalise's Louisiana State University affiliation. More than $1 million has been raised this year for Congressional Sports for Charity. He says, "They ran right into the fire" and saved a lot of lives. Four others were inured in the attack, which ended when the gunman was shot and killed by police at the scene.

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C-SPAN provided coverage, and additional national television, radio and other media outlets tuned in.

"And throughout the whole game, we will all be team Scalise and that will be a very, that camaraderie I think will be very positive as we go forward", Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the democratic Minority Leader, said.

"It seems like you are going to have every camera in the country there, even internationally", said Republican starting pitcher Mark Walker of North Carolina.

Both Republicans and Democrats have pointed to the attack as a reason to ease heated political rhetoric.

"The competition is still there, but the energy around the game has just exploded", said Walker.

ESPN reported, "When the president intoned three words he said have brought Americans together for generations-"Let's play ball"-cheers rang out".

"I'll miss the banter with him back and forth", Richmond said of the heckling they usually exchange from opposing dugouts.