Police release photos of London attackers' fake bomb belts

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Ho said he couldn't attack them as one of them might detonate what he believed was a genuine suicide belt and kill them all.

The question remains how the men met and knew one another but police said Saturday they did not suspect a wider plot.

Cole praised his colleagues in responding to the terror attack and said they showed courage.

"We ran down to the yard and started getting the team back in the vans", he said. "I've been a police officer for quite a few years, so all those sort of skills kick in and you just get on with it".

Police released additional details from its investigation; most notably, Butt tried online to rent a larger, 7.5-ton truck that could have killed more people, but his payment was declined.

The British Red Cross's Saturday Night for London fundraising drive to support the victims of the attacks has raised over £700,000 since Sunday, and is backed by Borough Market where the knifemen attacked people enjoying a night out.

"From what I'm seeing, there is nothing that suggests at the moment that we got that wrong", Haydon said, referring to Butt.

"The majority of them have a domestic focus, if I can put it that way, a domestic centre of gravity", she said.

He said he could hear his colleagues over the radio "in quite a state of distress" as they desperately called for ambulances.

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Geoff Ho was stabbed in the neck while trying to protect his friend and other members of the public from the three armed men at the Black & Blue restaurant in Southwark.

You had to bury the people you love but, hey, at least they were murdered as a sacrifice on the altar of politically correct diversity. If I charged at them, maybe I could take out one or two.

"I decided I had to get my medic up there to help, but I didn't know what the threat was to their safety".

Insp Cole, a 41-year-old father of three, described the scene at Peckham police station as the alarm was raised as "like something out of a movie with police officers running everywhere". "It's going to stick with me for a long time".

A week after the attack, many people on Saturday paused by the sea of flowers as pubs metres away were busy again.

The Red Cross is urging people to "take a ride for London, eat a dish for London and say cheers for London".

2017: A year of TERROR on Britain's streets?

British police said meanwhile all 22 suspects arrested over last month's Manchester concert bombing have been released without charge, acknowledging that detectives are still not sure whether the attacker had accomplices. They can't do anything to change the fact that London is a great city.