Neill Blomkamp's New Trailer Teases Series of Sci-fi Films

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That changed today, when Blomkamp dropped a teaser trailer for Oat Studios Volume 1, a new series of short sci-fi films.

"The new world altered everyone", the trailer's narrator says, though she could be talking about the film industry. A new trailer, released today, for a short film now named "Volume 1" will stream on Steam "soon". Enter: Oats Studios, Blomkamp's indie production company that aims to churn out some unique properties delivered to you, the viewing audience, in a most modern way.

Fans will have noticed though, that at around the 40 second mark, there's an appearance by none other than Sigourney Weaver - although it's a real blink and you'll miss it moment. District 9 was originally conceived as the short film, "Alive in Joburg".

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It's no Alien sequel, which fans had hoped Blomkamp might create, but it's original sci-fi, which is honestly much better. "Adapt or die. It was as simple as that".

The only word on a release is that these are "coming soon". The idea is to sell his short films on digital video game retailer Steam as tests for potential full feature films.

No official release has been announced yet, but on Neill Blomkamp's Twitter he discusses possibility of releasing "Volume 1" of the Oats Studios shorts on YouTube for free, with premium extras available for a fee. In the meantime, Oats Studios will actively encourage budding filmmakers to make shorts of their own, with assets from Volume 1 - 3D models, footage, music and so on - planned to appear on Steam for "a nominal price".