N Carolina House budget debate heads into night

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One effect of failure to engage black voters is that they might stay home on election day.

Ronald Reagan famously said, "Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other". Thirty-seven seats are up for re-election this year and next, and Republicans now control 27. They hold somber conferences in and out of town and launch a slew of lobbyists to Capitol Hill to argue against the reductions.

The North Carolina House gave initial approval to the Republicans' two-year government budget plan Thursday, a proposal that benefits from surging revenues to offer teacher and state employee pay raises, modest tax cuts and more reserves for savings and repairs.

As Senate and House Republicans try to agree on a framework for tax reform, the Trump administration is making the entire process harder, not easier, for everyone involved.

Trump needs to go to the voters who elected him and defend his budget. "And that's before you get to the policy prescriptions, which will unite Democrats and Republicans against it".

While seeking major increases in spending on defense, veterans' affairs, homeland security, construction of a wall along the southern border with Mexico along with a major tax cut, Trump's budget would cut $4.3 trillion of domestic discretionary spending through 2027 in a bid to wipe out the deficit.

Trump wants to eliminate the popular program altogether.

The budget does maintain the same funding for historically black colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions from President Barack Obama's administration. Trump's budget cuts the Environmental Protection Agency by nearly a third. "Partisanism is encouraged at times, and I think that's unfortunate".

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State and local officials are leaving nothing to chance. Those cuts would get even deeper as the years go by, leading the National Rural Health Association's Alan Morgan to call them "a fatal blow to the rural health care safety net". Now they get retirement benefits 47 percent richer than what private-sector workers get, including defined-benefit plans that few outside of government still have. What the president has outlined won't cut it. "It's not a system that we've created". Yet that is exactly what Democrats would have us believe, claiming the budget "slashes spending", leaving millions without health care.

Taken on its face value, the Trump budget's Medicaid cuts are achieved by lowering the per-capita growth rate and letting states cut their programs in ways that they aren't permitted to do now, Park said.

While Trump's budget proposes a mirage of 3 percent growth by gutting government regulations and gifting huge tax breaks for the rich and corporations, the People's Budget would invest $1.9 trillion-including direct job creation for communities to rehabilitate parks and public lands, expand early childhood development programs, and upgrade public education infrastructure and staffing.

But Clinton criticized Republicans in Congress, particularly in the House, for failing to probe the president deeply enough.

Republican Rep. Mark Sanford, like fellow South Carolinian Hodges, ripped the proposal for its growth projection.

Republicans - who control the House and the Senate - have said they will pass a tax reform plan this year.

"There's a dignity to work, and there's a necessity to work to help the country succeed", White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said last week. At a hearing of the House Budget Committee, Mulvaney expounded on this line of thought, explaining, "We no longer want to measure compassion by the number of programs that we have, or the number of people that are on those programs".

"No president, no governor, gets their budget enacted entirely", Hodges said.