YPG militants target Turkish army posts from Syria border town

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In turn, the Turkish military released a statement saying that Turkish warplanes had bombed members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Syria and in northern Iraq.

Information indicates that the Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) withdrew parts of its forces from the wide-scale military campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group's stronghold in Raqqa, in anticipation to any Turkish escalation on the borders, said the report.

The U.S. -backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria are threatening to pull out of the anti-ISIS coalition if the U.S. won't protect them from Turkish airstrikes on their positions.

Dorrian said the USA had troops in Syria, within six miles of the Turkish air strikes, and "we let the Turks know that the amount of time that was being provided for the strikes was inadequate for us assure safety of our forces on the ground". "And this was notification, certainly not coordination as you would expect from a partner and an ally in the fight against ISIS", he said, using an acronym for the Islamic State. Turkey has objected to that alliance because, it says, the SDF's largest component, the People's Protection Units (YPG), is a PKK affiliate.

The air strikes have led to calls from Syrian Kurdish members of the USA -led coalition to call for US aerial protection against Turkish air strikes.

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"These are forces that have been integral in fighting ISIS". Both Kurdish forces are close USA allies in the war against IS. We believe that every force that's fighting terrorism in Iraq should be doing so in coordination and with the agreement and cooperation of the government of Iraq.

"We made very clear to the Turkish government at very high levels our deep concern about the actions they took the other day", Toner said.

Reuters reported that a USA military officer accompanied YPG commanders on a tour of the targeted sites later on April 25, a visit that demonstrated the close partnership between the us military and the YPG.

"We're troubled by that", Dorrian said. "It was an unsafe way to conduct operations". According to pro-Kurdish sources, about 20 persons were killed in the airstrikes.

The anonymous official, who did not provide any further detail about the explosives or explain how the security services came to identify their origin, also claimed that weapons supplied to the PKK/PYD by the USA had also been found in PKK camps. Dorrian, spokesman for the USA operations against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, said the US troops were about six miles, or 10 kilometers, from the strikes.