World's heaviest woman leaves hospital 715 pounds lighter

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However, the hospital administration has accused her of not taking the responsibility and going back.

Eman underwent bariatric surgery in March in which doctors reduced her stomach size by two-third, so as to reduce her food intake.

A green corridor organised by Mumbai Police has been formed to assist in transporting Eman from the hospital to Gate No 5 of Terminal 2 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport in Mumbai.

According to Lakdawala, Eman's weight has now come down to 170 kg (as on Wednesday evening). Arguments over the final arrangements threatened to mar the proceedings, and needed intervention by State Health Minister Dr. Deepak Sawant.First up was the standoff between Saifee Hospital and VPS Healthcare, which runs Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi. "It was simply some paper work that took little longer time".

"Eman is an inspiration to millions of critical and obese patients world over that someone as serious as her can get better with expert medical care and advances in medical science", the Save Eman Cause said. "I am thankful to India and the doctors in India for helping my sister", she said. "And that fright that has led her to make all these allegations", Saifee Hospital COO Huzaifa Sehabi had said.

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Ms. Ahmed was scheduled to leave the hospital at 10.30 am however there was a delay. "It was necessary to confirm that everything is in order", Shaina NC said. "We are happy that we did bring her weight down", Lakdawala said. "She will need multiple surgeries to straighten her hips and knees". The 37-year-old's sister has said the hospital's claim are bogus and questioned the hospital's claims of her weight loss.

Eman Ahmed, touted as the world's heaviest woman, will be flown to Abu Dhabi hospital today for further treatment.

Eman's sister Shaimaa had earlier alleged that Eman did not receive proper treatment at Saifee, the charge which Dr Lakdawala and others at the Mumbai hospital denied.

Refuting the allegations, Aparna Bhaskar, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital, had said that Shaimaa may be criticising the doctors to extend her sister's stay at the hospital.