Video purportedly shows destruction of Pak bunkers in shelling

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The Indian Army came under attack by Pakistan has given apt response.

Sources have told NDTV that the video precedes the attack on two Indian jawans who were beheaded last week by Pakistan.

The statement said the Indians also targeted civilians in the village of Thruti with mortars and that Pakistani troops returned fire. "Ye to gaya, ek bunker to gaya", a jawan is heard saying in the video as the missiles continue to hit their targets.

This exclusive video footage shows how the fearless hearts of motherland India destroyed Pakistani bunkers along the LoC near the Krishna Ghati sector.

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As many as 1,142 terror incidents were reported in Jammu and Kashmir between 2012 and 2016 in which 236 security personnel and 90 civilians were killed, the RTI said.

Moreover, in the Krishna Ghati area, the Pakistani posts are situated at a height higher than the Indian posts whereas the video shows the Indian shelling at posts located slightly lower in altitude.

While people have hailed the Indian Army and said that the move is the flawless answer to Pakistan, Army Sources are believed to have said that the video was shot in April. While replying to queries from reporters he had said, "We do not talk about future plans beforehand".

Army has already made it clear that it will respond to the dastardly act at "a time and place of its choosing". "We share details after execution". "Pakistani forces have done the killing and mutilation, they have to take responsibility and face the consequences", he said in a newspaper interview.