Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds

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Erdogan's comments come in advance of a meeting with US President Donald Trump on May 16 - their first face-to-face summit since the real estate mogul and reality TV star took office in January. Now, with a clearer direction in place, it seems that only Ankara's self-promotion among American officials is still taking place. The fighter alleges that Turkey's president Recep Erdogan wants ISIS to control Syria in order to grow the oil trade.

On Wednesday, Turkey carried out several air strikes in Syria and Iraq against separatist Kurdish rebels and their allies, drawing the wrath of United States officials who accused Ankara of lacklustre coordination. Below is an updated quick guide to the key issues continuing to plague U.S.

The dating show ban comes on the same day as Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) said it was blocking Wikipedia with an administrative order. Those patrols followed a Turkish airstrike against bases of Syrian Kurdish militia, the United States' main ally in combating Islamic State militants in Syria.

"We are seriously concerned to see USA flags in a convoy that has YPG rags on it", Erdogan told reporters at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport before leaving for a two-day visit to India. In March, some 200 USA marines backed with howitzers and Stryker armored vehicles were reportedly deployed to the Syrian town of Manbij liberated from Islamic States by the SDF.

The cooperation between Washington and the YPG, which saw the United States send a limited number of forces to work with the group, led to bitter tensions between Ankara and Washington in the dying months of the Obama administration.

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An RT Documentary crew filming in northern Syria has seen Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) documents abandoned by retreating terrorists and found by the Kurds that, along with captured IS recruits, provide a stunning insight into the ISIS oil trade. This is perhaps the biggest non-issue given the current situation on the ground in Syria.

Erdogan said Sunday his country may take further action against Kurdish militants in Iraq and Syria, as US-backed forces in Syria closed in on the last neighborhoods of a former ISIS stronghold. No concrete plans for such zones have come to light within these 100 days.

According to Reuters, some 120,000 people from a wide range of professions have already been sacked in Turkey's post-coup purge, and more than 40,000 have been arrested.

The People's Protection Units are distrusted by Turkish-backed anti-government forces in Syria, who say the group is an ally of President Bashar Assad's government. The issue of the extradition reached the height of scandal when it was revealed that former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn met with a number of high-ranking Turkish officials in NY in September 2016 to discuss the possibility of the imam's extradition by force.

The U.S. expressed concern about the deaths, saying that the operation lacked coordination with the rest of the coalition. Rights groups and some Western allies believe the country, a NATO- member and European Union candidate, is now closer to one-man rule. The least that can be said of the relationship is that while nothing moved forward, nothing moved back.