Trump, Turnbull in healthcare controversy

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It is their first encounter since an acrimonious phone call in February.

"We can put the refugee deal behind you and move on", Turnbull said on Thursday. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., swiftly pointed out that the Australian health care model provides publicly funded health care with private sector options.

Trump last left NY, the city he was born in, on January 19 for the presidential inauguration on January 20. "They saw the flames erupt into the air, and they saw the true cost of war in the faces of the heroes that never returned", said Trump.

They met on the USS Intrepid, a WW2-era aircraft carrier that was involved in the war against Japan in the Pacific. President Trump and the Prime Minister also talked about the importance of building stronger economic bonds through increased trade and investment.

Trump had praised the vote as a legislative victory for his administration, although the bill will still have to clear several congressional hurdles before becoming law, The Washington Post reports. "It says everything about the relationship we've got with the U.S". But never before has he done so with the presidential seal on the side of the auto.

NY was the scene of several huge demonstrations against Trump in the early days of the Republican's presidency. By Big Apple standards, however, the demonstrations were small-scale.

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The fact that Trump delayed and cut short his meeting with Turnbull irked some in Australia, where morning TV show hosts, pundits and politicians pondered whether it was a snub.

Trump met Malcolm Turnbull Thursday night in NY and addressed the rumors of bad blood between the two leaders. "Premiums are going to come down substantially", Trump said.

But later in the night Mr Trump admitted the call was "testy".

He also said he would visit Australia, which he called "one of the most lovely places on earth", but did not set a date. The country's universal coverage is primarily funded through a Medicare tax that extends to its wealthiest citizens, according to The Commonwealth Fund.

An official with the Australian government said the President's decision to make Turnbull wait was "an fantastic snub", CNN reported.

Away from the glare of the media, the two leaders' discussion focused on national security, especially the rising tensions with North Korea and the battle against Islamic State in the Middle East. The video also noted that Australians can expect to live longer than Americans, on average.