This Job Will Literally Pay You to Cuddle With Cats

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Making every other job in the universe now seem utterly unbearable, there is now an opening to be a cat cuddler.

A Dublin-based veterinary clinic is making that dream a reality as they're advertising a "cat cuddler" role. While mainly an activity for decompressing and removing oneself from the rigors of the working world, you can now parlay your unhealthy obsession with cats into a bonafide profession, and you don't need an extensive knowledge of dank memes to be considered for the job. Have you counted kittens before you go asleep?

According to the listing, they're looking for someone with "cattitude" who has "gentle hands capable of stroking cats for long periods of time". "Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?" the job description teases. And, of course, you ease the cats' apprehensions by snuggling with them a lot.

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A qualification recognized by Ireland's veterinary council is also required, per the report. It's also not clear from the post whether the clinic is accepting worldwide applicants.

The advert also specifies that it's looking for a softly spoken person capable of "cat whispering" to calm the nerves of the patients, and an ability to differentiate between types of purring.

The posting has been viewed more than 7,000 times on the advertisement site. None of you "I hate cats, dogs are so much better" need apply!