Strong wind, storms blamed for 11 deaths in Moscow; 70 hurt

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At least 11 people were killed in Moscow and two in Moscow Oblast outside the city when the storm hit the area on Monday. "Several hundred trees were felled".

"Eleven people were killed in Moscow and three others in the Moscow Region", TASS cited Petrenko as saying. "We are taking all necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of the disaster", Sobyanin wrote in his Twitter blog.

Russia's Emergencies Ministry warned on its website of another severe storm overnight, with winds expected at up to 22 meters per second (49 miles per hour). Russian news agency RIA Novosti tweeted a video showing the scope of destruction.

In 1998, another strong wind storm hit Moscow, killing as many as 11 people.

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Alexei Khripun, head of the Moscow Health Department, said on Tuesday that more than 150 people had applied for medical help. Flights departing from Moscow's airports were severely delayed and the train to the Vnukovo International Airport was shut down due to the harsh conditions.

According to reports, most of the casualties were the result of falling trees or structures, including a bus stop.

The surrounding region endured similar damage, with 3,000 trees blown down, 322 cars damaged and the roofs of 42 houses and maternity clinics sustaining damage, Tass said.

Moscow City mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the hurricane that struck Moscow City on Monday afternoon was unprecedented.