Pa. man destroys Plinko record on 'Price is Right,' almost goes insane

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Dropping his first chip, Ryan won a cool $10,000 - but he was just getting started.

Congratulations to Ryan on his exciting Price Is Right run.

Belz got to Plinko by winning a digital camera in the bidder's row introductory round, where he shrewdly bid $1.

Ryan's reaction was priceless and host Drew Carey informed him that he had achieved the record for the highest win on Plinko. Then he found out that he was going to play Plinko.

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Good for Ryan! And things could have worked out much differently; according to this (unsurprisingly) detailed Plinko Wiki, there have actually been twelve instances where a contestant has earned five chips and walked away with $0. As you can see in the above video, Ryan amazingly manages to score $10,000 with his first chip, which alone would be enough to make anyone ecstatic.

Ryan then went bonkers when the last chip hit another $10,000, with the crowd joining in on his enthusiasm. Ryan smashed that thinking by winning $31,500 on his five chip drops. He just set the Plinko record on Price is Right in exuberant fashion'.

If you think about it, his reaction was nearly subdued, considering the circumstances.