National Basketball Association mock draft 2017: Sixers grab Kansas' Josh Jackson

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We've written quite a bit about the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery, in part because so many different scenarios are in play, but also because it's hard to talk about the draft (specifically, who will go where) until after the order is determined. "We're looking forward to hopefully keeping the top-three pick". "I don't think our expectations are that somebody's going to be there (at No. 6 or so) that's going to start and help make a big difference for us". "The city has been incredibly patient, tolerant, choose any word you want".

The Sixers can fall anywhere between first and seventh in the 2017 National Basketball Association draft, with as many as two top-five picks depending on whether the Lakers' selection falls inside the protected top three.

Although he admittedly enters the offseason disappointed by his team's 33-49 record this season, 13-time All-Star Dirk Nowitzki says he's more than ready to assist the Dallas Mavericks in whatever capacity is needed this summer.

If the Lakers' pick drops out of the top three, they must surrender it to the Philadelphia 76ers and an unprotected 2019 first-rounder to the Orlando Magic.

Well a 46.9 percent chance of staying in the top three is good, right? But after winning only 11 games combined in December, January, February and March, the Lakers went on a five-game winning streak in April, closing the season having won five of their last six games.

The Lakers will have the No. 2 pick for the second straight year after taking D'Angelo Russell last June. However, they would slide to seventh if the Lakers finished sixth.

The Celtics are one win away from the Eastern Conference finals, and also have a 25 percent chance of landing the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, courtesy of a 2013 trade with the Brooklyn Nets.

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Does the random lottery determine each of the top 14 picks?

Harris, the 19th selection overall in the 2014 draft, was selected to represent the Nuggets in this year's draft lottery selection.

Optimistically Monk could still be had at No. 5 - and if not, the Sixers could target another point guard in Dennis Smith.

In 2016 the pick was protected in the top three and the Lakers kept it again. Of the 1,000 number combinations used to determine the lottery victor, Denver will have just six total chances to move up into the top three picks.

That is significant because if the Lakers fall out of the top three the Sixers will be awarded their pick.

With that in mind, here are a few prospects who could be legitimate options for the Lakers at No. 28 overall. We've listed them in reverse chronological order and haven't included the last two drafts since it's a bit early to label those players as hits or misses. There will be plenty of time for Johnson to find his successor if he gets that opportunity.

The answer will come instantly Tuesday night, with overwhelming odds that it will not be the result of choice for the Miami Heat.