Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia Qualify For Eurovision Final

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After 18 performances from 18 hopefuls, a public vote added to the previous jury vote saw only ten countries qualify for Saturday's grand final, while the last eight will be sadly taking early flights home. Viewers in the states can tune in to Logo TV, or watch the Swedish broadcast on, with Swedish commentary.

The so-called "Big Five" - France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom - are traditionally guaranteed a spot in the final, along with the host nation. "Everybody has been, can you do this, are you going to do this?" When asked about possible sanctions being taken against Channel One Russia following the country's late withdrawal from the competition, Sand confirmed that this will be discussed in due course.

She shared: "I had to give up as it took up too much time but I may go back to it".

The performances from semi finals can bee seen here.

The scoring system for the grand final is slightly different; it stacks the audience and professional jury scores, assigning the latter in a series of blocks meant to heighten the tension in the last moments of the competition.

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That's because Francesco Gabbani, competing for Italy, is the bookies' favourite to win Eurovision 2017 thanks to his - rather catchy - track Occidental Karma.

Thus, according to the results of the two semi-finals, all the participants in the final stage of the song contest were determined.

Portugal and Bulgaria's entries are also both considered strong contenders; Portugal's Salvador Sobral, in particular, generates a massive reaction from the audience inside Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre. You can't get more political than that, right?But surely Eurovision must be more than just politics - it is a singing competition, after all.

"It's only fair that each song in the Eurovision Song Contest is judged on its individual merits on the night". "At the minute we are focussing on producing three spectacular live shows with all 42 participating countries", he said.

Paul Weller has declared his interest in representing the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest, saying that he would "definitely" do it if he could perform one of his own songs. Since 1997, we have regularly placed towards the bottom of the entries, even gaining (put on your best French accent) "nul points" in 2003, and were it not for the fact that we're one of the Big Five then we likely wouldn't have made it to the finals at all (a rule which was created in 1999).