Miley Cyrus unveils Malibu video complete with new image

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Miley Cyrus just released her dreamy new single "Malibu", which marks the latest in a series of sonic and stylistic evolutions we've seen from her over the years. "I'd be here writing this song/ But here I am, next to you/ The sky's more blue in Malibu".

Miley Cyrus has finally dropped her new single Malibu.

"My t-shirt says, 'I Should Have My Own TV Show, '" Cyrus noted of her audition tape ensemble, before lip syncing along with her younger self. We love seeing artists support each other! It's probably one of the more uplifiting records I have heard from her in a while.

For four seasons, Miley played the titular character on Hannah Montana - a normal girl by day, a famous singer by night- until the hit series concluded in 2011. She has beautifully penned down this song that's an ode to her fiance.

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These days, Cyrus is cuddling up to boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, whom she recently revealed to Billboard is the inspiration behind "Malibu".

With the cycles of pop-culture shape-shifting being what they are, the normalization of Miley Cyrus is long overdue. Just moments ago, the young songstress dropped her single "Malibu", a handsome and enchanting pop track that takes you on a whirling 80's trip through a world of sunbeams and tides.

Cyrus will make her debut performance of "Malibu" at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21. Back when the singer had allegedly gone insane, she did several country covers including popular songs like Jolene and You're Gonna Make Me Lonsesome When You Go.

Miley admitted that she is in a much happier and content place than she was four years ago. As she enters the next era of her career, Miley has traded her outlandish ensembles and accessories (no more foam fingers and nipple pasties!) for simpler styles.