Madras student injured in attack over 'beef fest'

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A group of 70 to 80 students held the beef festival on Sunday evening to demonstrate against the Centre's notification.

The student was taken to a hospital and treated for eye injuries.

A group of students at IIT-Madras (Indian Institute of Technology) made a decision to protest against the center's ban on sale of cattle for slaughter and towards this, they organized a beef fest. Suraj was reportedly having lunch when a bunch of IIT students surrounded him and asked him if he'd participated in the beef fest.

One of the students who led the beef protest at IIT Madras in Chennai was assaulted allegedly by students from a right-wing group, according to a report in Times Now. The beef was served to the students in use and throw away plates. Similar fest was also organised at different locations across Kerala.

"Aim of the rules is very specific".

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The ministry on May 26, modified the rules to prevent cruelty to animals, making it mandatory to ensure that cattle are not bought or sold for slaughter.

However, a day after notifying the modifications, the ministry said that the animals for the goal of slaughter could be procured directly from the farmers at their respective farms.

Slaughter of cow and calf is banned in Tamil Nadu, however, there is no bar on the slaughter of buffaloes, ox or bull.

"An undertaking to this effect has to be given to the member secretary of the animal market committee from the seller as well as the buyer", Vardhan. The rules also state that the purchaser shall not sacrifice the animal for any religious objective or sell it to a person outside the state without permission and must keep in with the state's cattle protection laws.