Jon Stewart supports Stephen Colbert amid backlash with 'Daily Show' reunion

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It's also likely no accident Colbert opted last night to hold a de facto Daily Show reunion as he was joined not only by one-time mentor Jon Stewart, but fellow alums Ed Helms, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and Rob Corddry.

This then led to Colbert touching on recent reporting that when Trump met President Barack Obama days after the election, Obama warned Trump about hiring retired General Michael Flynn as national security adviser, due to his ties with Russian Federation.

Colbert then rolled a montage of guests' very early field pieces that they did as Daily Show correspondents.

Trump, who boasts to the reporters that he helps deliver better ratings to a variety of TV news outlets, claims that Colbert attacks him to boost his ratings, and called his recent language "filthy". Eight years later he got his own show, "The Colbert Report", in which he satirically played a Bill O'Reilly-esque conservative talking head, may he rest in truthiness.

"There will never be another president this good for comedy", Bee insisted. I don't mean they - if I do something wrong. I'm in a studio surrounded by craft services, yet in a Benjamin Button scenario, I'm at the beginning of the movie, and you all seem fine.

"It's like Beyoncé leaving Destiny's Child", Helms said. "And she goes, 'HAUL A**!' And we ran as fast as we could", Colbert recalled.

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Stephen Colbert opened his Tuesday night "Late Show" with the news that President Donald Trump had abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey. Bee hosts "Full Frontal" on TBS. "Where are y'all from?'" But a "Daily Show" producer was able to deflect attention before she and Colbert took off running. Rob Coddry (center) has appeared in several TV shows and movies including Hot Tub Time Machine and HBO's Ballers.

COLBERT: I got a question for the audience.

"I'm not comfortable", he facetiously confessed leaning away from his former Daily Show cohort.

"The things that you say-even if they're crass, or even if they in some ways are not respectful enough to the office of the presidency-we can insult; he can injure".

"Why in this country we try to hold comedians to a standard we don't hold our leaders to", he asked. He congratulated his former underlings on "spreading their wings" and the gang ended their meeting with their "usual pre-show prayer": an enthusiastic cheer of "Go, liberal agenda!"

"The process of making the show became entwined with the process of me making sense of things I didn't understand, so I miss that".