Hungry sea lion drags young girl into water at Vancouver-area wharf

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We as people need to realize that these are wild animals and can change their course of action within the next split-second, something people around the little girl and the sea lion completely forgot.

A cell phone video from Vancouver is getting significant attention after it captured the shocking moment where a young girl was dragged underwater by a sea lion.

The sea lion can be seen swimming near the dock, and people laugh as it gets close to the girl.

Onlookers, who were originally marveling at the marine life, became quite distressed once they saw the sea lion go over the dock, bite the girl and pull her under water.

The reign of terror perpetrated by wild animals on unsuspecting Chinese tourists continued over the weekend with a young girl being pulled into the water of a Canadian harbor by a hungry sea lion.

The girl appeared terrified but physically unharmed, and was immediately whisked away from the scene by an adult.

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Andrew Tites, director of the University of British Columbia's Marine Mammal Research Unit, criticised those who got close to the animal, which he identified as a male California sea lion.

It says the sea lion was probably drawn by the fish in the area. But for some reason, she sat on the wall near the water, after which the sea creature pounced at her once again, grabbed her by the dress and pulled her into the water.

Sloan said a sea lion might unintentionally bite or otherwise harm a human if being provoked by food.

People in the video were feeding the animal and "taunting" it, which is a huge no-no, he said.

He told CBC News on Saturday that the family was "pretty shaken up" and appeared to be in shock. However, Baziuk emphasizes that people should never feed them, no matter how delightful they seem.

Trites says the sea lion in the video looks like it is used to having people feed it. He said the animals are not inherently unsafe and are not looking to grab people. And Fujiwara's video depicts at least one person pretending to hold food over the animal's snout.