Great White Sharks Surround Paddle-Boarders In California

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Officers aboard the Orange County Sherriff's Department helicopter issued a warning on May 10 to civilians frolicking near the waters of California's Capistrano Beach to calmly head toward shore for their own safety.

Video posted online by the Orange County Sheriff's Department shows the sharks swimming near several people in the water at Dana Point.

The sharks were first reported by a surfer, who reported the sharks were circling his board near San Onofre State Beach, according to reports.

No one was hurt, and OC Lifeguards Chief Jason Young said the situation wasn't dire enough to call for an ocean closure, which only occurs when the sharks are more than 8 feet long or acting aggressively. He said they lingered most of the summer and then disappeared.

Advisories were also put up for beaches up and down Southern California thanks to shark sightings this week.

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Sharks have been spotted breaching outside of the famous Lower Trestles lineup, drones have spotted groups of sharks around San Clemente and there was a recent attack near San Onofre State Beach. "So along our beaches, the stingray populations have been kind of exploding over the last 50 years".

"You are safer going to a really crowded beach because we rarely see shark bite incidents on people at those places". Lowe told CBS News, shark population has increased because the USA has been protecting them and providing them with food.

"During the day, they hang out very close to the surface in relatively shallow water relatively close to the beach", Lowe said. He added that if the water temperature patterns don't return, they "might start residing here"'. Quick-thinking beachgoers likely saved her life by using a surf leash as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding from a massive thigh wound.

Sightings are not uncommon along the coast, but attacks are rare.