Condi Rice: Trump handling North Korean situation 'as well as anybody could'

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Condoleezza Rice used her time on "The View" Tuesday to offer some supportive words for President Donald Trump.

Rice noted that it made "good sense" to investigate purported Russian ties to the Trump administration as well as its involvement in the 2016 presidential election; but she warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an "eye-for-an-eye" type of man. "Its a relationship youve got to have but it is tough", said Rice, who served as the National Security Advisor and the Secretary of State under the Bush administration. She said that she met his challenge by squaring herself up.

Courts have blocked parts of two Trump executive orders that sought to temporarily ban entry to the United States for people from six Muslim-majority countries.

When asked if she thought he was personally trying to go after Clinton, Rice said she did believe his motivation was personal.

She suggested prosecuting anyone in the United States who took part in what intelligence agencies believe was a deliberate effort to sway the presidential election in Trump's favor, and to consider putting sanctions, such as visa bans, on people who did so from overseas. "Until the new president is sworn in, the president who is there gets to make the policy..." "Because it's not a choice between a nuclear North Korea and the collapse of the regime".

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Rice was diplomatically kind in speaking of the current president, saying, "We have a different kind of president".

"I think they're doing as well as anybody could, this is just a really hard problem", Rice said.

Ms. Rice said that Americans feel that politicians and institutions weren't listening to them and that electing Mr. Trump was a wake-up call.

"Kim Jong Un is far more reckless than his father. I still think that Pakistan is not the stalwart fighter against particularly the Taliban in that area between Afghanistan and Pakistan", she said.