'Complacent, Self-Absorbed and Clueless' - Critics Pan New Amy Schumer Film

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Hawn hasn't made a film since 2002's The Banger Sisters, but the timing she showed in such hits as Private Benjamin, Shampoo, Overboard, Death Becomes Her and The First Wives Club, hasn't dimmed with the years.

"I love you! I feel the exact same way, I really do", Schumer said, beaming.

After a fifteen year hiatus from the big screen, Goldie Hawn is back teaming with today's new comedic goofy blonde Amy Schumer in the new film Snatched. Your enjoyment of this neo-colonialist comedy caper masquerading as mommy-and-me time will depend on how often you like to see that assessment demonstrated.

In a comedy sidebar, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack play a lesbian couple with special-ops military backgrounds who become useful in the mom-and- daughter plot to escape from the drug-cartel thugs. Apart from winning her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and being Kate Hudson's mother (so jealous), Hawn had been living a pretty low-key life with her hubby, Kurt Russell. "I had the best time with you", Hawn praised. The Snatched stars were asked a series of racy questions by their host, Ellen, including whether or not they've taken naked selfies, been caught by the cops having sex and more. But heartstrings remain decidedly untugged by the relationship between the hot-mess daughter and her overly critical but well-meaning mother.

"Amy Schumer", she said. "I was a go-go dancer on a table for twenty-five bucks a night", Goldie explained, adding that it was in New York City before she was an actress.

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"I'm sure I've been party to it, and Kurt's been-we're all normal this way", she said.

Schumer goes back to the "messy, self-absorbed, irresponsible" character well for Emily Middleton, a shiftless thirty-something who has no other option than to take her fussy, fearful mother (Hawn) on vacation to Ecuador after her boyfriend (Randall Park) unexpectedly dumps her. I really loved it.

The 71-year-old Oscar victor said talking to each other about it helped.

Even Kate's mum Goldie and her partner Kurt Russell approve of the rocker, as Kurt told Entertainment Tonight, "He's a nice guy, Danny".