BMW Bids Farewell To The 6 Series Coupe

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The silhouette resembles the look of 8 Series prototypes we've seen running around recently.

BMW is rolling out the new 8-Series coupe in 2018 and a two-door convertible a year later. For this year's show, the Bavarians are taking a step closer to a production model by introducing the appropriately called "8 Series Coupe Concept".

BMW will soon have an all-new grand tourer in their lineup. The Coupe has a boot capacity of 390 litres, while the Convertibles electrically operated fabric soft-top offers admirable acoustic comfort when closed thanks to additional insulation.

In the interest of accuracy, we should point out the teaser shot released by BMW is a "design study" of a concept auto, but previous spy shots have revealed the new 8 Series undergoing testing, so we can say with some certainty it'll look pretty close to the image seen here.

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The refresh to the 2 Series is mild at best, and we may not have been able to tell the difference had BMW not outlined what was changed. An eight speed automatic gearbox is standard for all variants, though the M6 versions have their own seven speed dual clutch transmission. M Sport or M Performance variants are also possible. That leaves the 7's twin-turbo inline-six, twin-turbo V-8, and likely the M760i's twin-turbo V-12 as solid choices-and it would preserve our right to declare the future 8-series all ate up with motor.

The 3rd generation 6 Series arrived in 2012 as the F12 chassis coupe and F13 chassis convertible.

BMW has already been busy trademarking suitable monikers for the new 8 Series, with 825, 830, 835, 845, 850, 860 and M850 already bagged, suggesting a wide range of power options are at least under consideration.

In the powertrain department, customers can choose from inline-3, -4 and -6 units.