Nintendo Switch sales beat expectations, Zelda sales now 3.84 million

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The Wii U just was able to move somewhat more in its entire phase of sales since its launch, being able to sell only 760,000 units between April last year and current year's March.

Nintendo made the disclosure in its new earnings report [PDF] for the fiscal year 2016, released on Thursday, April 27.

Nintendo reported net sales of ¥489.1 billion, beating the company's own guidance, and net profit of ¥102.6 billion, representing a 10.7% year-over-year drop, but beating analysts' estimates of ¥93.6 billion.

Despite its age the 3DS actually saw console sales increase by 7% on previous year to 7.27 million units, thanks to the success of Pokémon. It also represents Nintendo's comeback effort after the Wii U failed to generate the same kind of interest as the original Wii. The Switch generated the most sales in the Americas with 1.2 million units.

In the graph below we compare the Wii U's fiscal year hardware sales to the Nintendo Switch. Not too shabby considering these numbers were collated at the end of March, when the game had been out for less than a month. As it turns out, Pokemon still prints money all these years later, with Sun and Moon selling an wonderful 15.44 million units since launching in November. Whereas the Xbox and PS4 bundles tend to be very good deals - especially the ones offered during the holiday season - that has so far not been the case for the Switch.

Switch software is likewise off to a great start.

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Nintendo said the Switch was off to a "promising start", with consumer demand strong for its "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and "1-2-Switch" games. "Not only is it a fantastic game, but it's one that directly appeals to Nintendo's loyalest fans", reports Business Insider.

And the knock-on effect has been seen in sales of Nintendo hardware.

You can't gather excessively about a consol's market performance from the month it was first launched since deals are regularly managed by what number of units were available.

As a series, Mario Kart is also consistently one of Nintendo's top-selling series' on consoles.

"It is surprising that Zelda is doing so well, but it also proved what we have been saying is right: A good game title will spur sales of the platform device", Mr. Kimishima said. Furthermore, we expect the Switch tie ratio will be higher than in the Wii period. Remember Meme Run? If you don't, good, but it's the flawless example of just how easy it was for anyone with a devkit (which wasn't hard to obtain) to get their game out to the Nintendo userbase. The first weekend sales of the Switch were better than any other console in the Japanese gaming giant's history.