McDonald's Unveils New Uniforms and People Hate Them

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Another editor, Jordan Muto, had mixed feelings - and some nostalgia: "I think the gray gives the uniforms a modern look and update, but they really lack personality".

A second uniform collection, called "Timeless Elements", was designed by British designer Bindu Rivas, known for uniforms she's created for British banks, airlines and U.K. McDonald's locations.

"The Empire has won, and in this new world order, you shall bow before us and beg for your burger, fries and milkshake, or have your planet destroyed", associate editor Scott Stump added.

At least McDonald's employees don't have to carry guns. Yet. And in that time they've switched up their look quite a bit.

The uniforms have a largely gray palette - a striking contrast to the brand's signature red and yellow colors, which also figured prominently in its recent campaign featuring Mindy Kaling dressed in a sunny-hued dress and standing before a crimson backdrop.

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McDonald's unveiled new uniforms for employees this month, but a lot of people just aren't "lovin' it".

Do the new McDonald's uniforms remind you of anything? The fashion police on Twitter is skewering McDonald's new staff uniforms, calling the grey and black motif depressingly dystopian Hunger Games rip-offs. One person said the new dress makes the cook and staff team look like Darth Vader's minions.

You can take a look at the uniforms here and decide for yourself.

McDonald's said in a statement that "the new collections were created to bridge the gap between fashion and function".

While McDonald's calls the "collection" modern and contemporary, the internet had other things to say about the new look which will be seen on the chain's 850,000 restaurant employees across the U.S. this month.