Facing deadline, group says most Wisconsin dairy farms find new buyer

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Margaret Hart, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture said Tuesday Grassland has since agreed to continue buying milk from all the Minnesota farms affected.

It's something that impacts NY a lot, with the big dairy industry here. "But, we have grown to be the third largest exporter of dairy products after the European Union and New Zealand, which brings new opportunities but also new complications".

It would have been fascinating to be in the briefing room when Trump got his first Canadian dairy briefing.

That's right. Supply management. Mainly, it is one of disbelief. Instead, it says, the American dairy sector's losses are caused by milk overproduction in the U.S. and globally. Since Europe eliminated quotas past year, Canada is the only developed economy in the world with such a scheme.

In that environment, downdrafts like China importing less and low prices globally are only exacerbated. As Canada's total cheese market is $4.4 billion, to protect 4% ($180 million) of that market the feds spent $350 million. Meanwhile, US processors and producers assumed NAFTA promised them a never-ending market for their excess production-a reckless trade policy. Dairy farming, like all farming, is a heavily concentrated business, making it easy for big business to bankrupt small ones with unfair pricing. Farmers are often highly vulnerable. Johnson has been in the dairy business since 1979 and spent the past several years working on a plan to have his son Paul take over the farm some day. But to attribute the surplus to Canadian policy is to ignore basic facts about the dairy industry.

Although the policy entailed a heavy domestic subsidy cost, it lowered the prices for this milk class to create incentives to produce domestic ultra-filtered milk and better compete with US -produced imports. More milk. More milk.

High farmgate milk prices are not allowing our dairy processors and restaurant owners to become more competitive. The words consumer or even customer have no meaning. For the farm, it's a loss of production. They work for the state, not for the economy.

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"Canadian dairy practices are not to be blamed for the conditions USA processors and farmers are facing", she said. No strategy whatsoever. Value chains and/or design-thinking are irrelevant concepts to them. "The fabric of our dairy industry is being tested now, but I think it will show its strength over the next couple of weeks", North said.

As Canada was standing still, the world changed.

The barrels, after dipping to $1.3825 Thursday, gained 4 1/2 cents Friday to close at $1.4275, unchanged on the week and a quarter-cent above a year ago. So our system has a lot of fiscal baggage. In 2016, according to Canadian government data, that country imported C$557 million ($413 million) in dairy products from the USA, while C$113 crossed the border in reverse, creating a C$445 million deficit.

"The way we approach our very constructive relationship with the United States on trade and on other things is to base both around the facts of the issues and a shared desire to see citizens on both of our sides of the border succeed", he said.

But the surge in imports from the European Union could signal a changing dairy landscape.

Restricted entry into the industry severely punishes younger generations of farmers.