Donald Trump to Hold Rally Same Night as White House Correspondents Dinner

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This time, Trump picked a day filled with other potential news and events, not all of it so flattering to a new president marking a traditional milestone for measuring early accomplishments.

After refusing to attend next weekend's annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner - a traditional night of comity between presidents and the press - President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he would hold a rally away from the capital while the dinner was underway.

Trump wrote in a tweet Saturday he would be "holding a BIG rally in Pennsylvania", and his campaign website was then quickly updated to include the details.

Saturday's event won't be Trump's first post-election rally in the Keystone State, as the president came to Hersey in December as part of his "thank you tour". The rally marks Trump's 100th day in office.

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Mr. Trump, who has been highly critical of media outlets since before he took office, announced he would not be attending the dinner in February.

His staff are also boycotting in a show of "solidarity" with the president. "Looking forward to seeing our bravest and greatest Americans!" he tweeted.

The event also falls on the same night as the White House Correspondent's Dinner, which Trump has made a decision to skip, breaking years of precedent.

Trump won't be the only one fighting for the spotlight during the Correspondents' Dinner.